General Information


General Information

The Piranha Swim Team is the Darien YMCA’s year-round competitive swimming program. The goal of the Piranhas is to create an environment for developing not only the finest of athletes but also the finest of citizens. We strive to teach life lessons and skills through the sport of swimming and to create lifelong swimmers. We offer swimmers 7 years of age and older the opportunity to train and reach the highest level of swimming available in the US. As a member of the Piranhas, your family will join a first class organization. As an age group swimmer (7-12 years), focus is on stroke technique, simple sets and having fun. As swimmers get older, the level of commitment increases; longer and more challenging workouts, early mornings and more meets. Invaluable life lessons are learned and friendships are made throughout the journey. The Piranhas compete in both USA Swimming and the CT YMCA Swimming League. The Team is under the leadership of Head Coach Henk Jansen.


The Piranhas compete in two courses over the year.  The short course (SC) season begins in September and ends in March.  SC season meets are held in 25 yard pools.  The long course (LC) season begins in April and ends in July.  LC meets are held in 50 meter pools.  All 10/over swimmers are expected to participate fully in both seasons.  All swimmers must participate in at least two swim CT USA Swim meets during the SC season and at least one CT USA Swim meet during the LC season to qualify for a USA CT Championship meet (Piranha Intrasquad, Y dual meets and Y Invitational Meets do not count towards this requirement).  Some high level meets may require more.  Also, swimmers’ parents must time in at least two meets over the course of the season in order for thier swimmer to be eligible for a Championship meet.  Please check the schedule carefully to make sure you are attending the necessary number of meets.


The Piranhas compete as members of USA and YMCA Swimming.  USA Swimming is recognized as the highest level of swimming available to athletes at the amateur level, providing regional, National and international levels of competition.  YMCA swimming primarily provides the Piranhas with their dual meet competition and some invitational type meets.  Both USA and YMCA swimming meets are offered throughout the season, culminating with championship meets.  All swimmers are expected to swim in the respective Championship/ end-of-the-season meet.


Registration is open to all returning swimmers in good standing (all swimmers must be current on all fees).  New members are admitted to the Team after participation and evaluation in the Fall stroke clinic.  Eligibility is based on both ability and space in age group.  Piranha Swim Team members must maintain current full Darien YMCA memberships.


The Piranha Swim Team is under the leadership of Head Coach, Henk Jansen.