Team Uniform

The Piranhas require their Team members to have Piranha spirit wear. All Piranhas MUSThave a Team Speedo bathing suit, Team t-shirts (yellow and blue) and bathing caps if worn.  In addition, swimmers are required to have the following gear.

13/Overs: Team Warm-up or Sweat suit, Team Backpack, Piranha Grey Zippie Sweatshirt

11/12’s: Team Speedo Backpack, Gray Piranha Pull-over Sweatshirt and sweatpants

9/10’s: Team Speedo Backpack, Gray Piranha Pull-over Sweatshirt and sweatpants

8/Under: Aforementioned t-shirts and yellow cap

Only Piranha gear should be worn at meets.  I feel that a Team is more apt to act like a Team if everyone is wearing the same ‘uniform’, there is more Team spirit, unity and enthusiasm. Football and baseball players don’t get to choose which uniform he/she plays in, nor should a swimmer.


Bathing Suits
As stated above all Piranhas must have a Team Speedo bathing suit.  This suit must be worn at all meets. We understand that many of our swimmers own Fastskin suits.  If you already have one, great, but please do not be fooled into thinking you need this suit for your swimmer to swim fast.  Swimmers have always ‘made’ the suit; the suit never makes the swimmer.  We ENCOURAGE parents to hold off on these expensive purchases until your swimmer is older and has progressed to a Senior level of training with the Piranhas or have qualified for CT Seniors.  We feel with young Age Group swimmers the suits do not make a big difference in regards to their performance and the coaches stress dedication and hard work as the keys to improvement not expensives suits. As you do, we want what is best for your swimmer.  We don’t want anyone to make an unnecessary expensive purchase for little to no gain just because the advertisers tell you that it gives your child a “competitive edge.”   The coaching staff recommends taking advantage of the practice time you have already paid for to help your swimmer get that “competitive edge.”   

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In an effort to keep parents educated and informed, the Piranhas have set up this webpage dedicated to nutrional education.  This resource is a great place to read articles, get information and answer some questions you may have about swimming and nutrition.  Most of the information linked to this page is from USA Swimming. 
USA Swimming answers the question, “What should my child eat?”
The question most frequently asked by parents is: “What should my child eat?” There are no magic foods, but there are simple nutritional guidelines that can be followed by the whole family. Even more of your questions could be answered in all of the information provided on the Successful Sport Parenting CD.

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Piranhas & College Swimming

Class of 2008


Mike Baity

Princeton University

Jennie Lewis

Swarthmore College

Morgan Bullock

University of Notre Dame


Class of 2009


John Geissinger

Dennison University

Erin Morrison

Amherst College

Caitlin Block

College of William and Mary

Mariam Darbandi



Class of 2010


Katelynn Gray

Fordham University


Class of 2011


Alex Burns

University of Western Ontario

Cathy Hom

New York University

Sasha Campbell

Fairfield University

Kara Oughlihan



Class of 2012


Kasey Morrison

New York University

Chris Calby

Dartmouth College

Sarah Suchoff

Bucknell University

Peter Geissinger

University of Virginia


Class of 2013


Katrina Timmerman

Gettysburg College

Lauren Timmerman

Bucknell University

Phil Treesh

Williams College


Class of 2014


Wesley Dean

Dickinson College

James Forde

Wesleyan University

Emilie Geissinger

Bates College

Stephie Hom

Georgetown University

Andrea Smelser

Boston College

Ricky Terhune

Tampa University


Class of 2015              


Chris Brook

Queens College Canada)

Brady Collins

Middlebury College

Rahul Datta

University of Illinois

Jake Greene

Lehigh University

Catherine Treesh

Williams College

Lindsay Tyler

Dartmouth College

Chris Weihs

Williams College


Class of 2016        


Carly Berizzi

St. Lawrence College

Jack Bair

Loyola Maryland

Tyler Gould

Gettysburg College

Steven Grune


Caroline Kearney

Lafayette University

Chris Janson

Williams College

Rebecca Liu


J Whelan

Middlebury College

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Code of Conduct Swimmers

The Darien YMCA Piranha Swim Team abides by a strict Code of Conduct governing all coaches, swimmers, and parents. The purpose of the Code is to ensure that all those associated with Darien YMCA Piranha swimming treat others with dignity and respect.
The Code of Conduct is a condition of membership for all swimmers, parents and coaches.  All members of the Piranha Swim Team and their parents agree to abide by the Code of Conduct and agree to be subjected to the consequences of violating the Code.   
All enforcement decisions made by the Darien YMCA are final and are not subject to review. No refunds will be granted to those swimmers dismissed from the team for their or their parents’ violation of the Code of Conduct.
Roles And Responsibilities:
  1. Respect your teammates, coaches, officials and opponents at all times. 
  2. Give 100% effort at each practice and meet. 
  3. Support and encourage your teammates. 
  4. Set a positive example. 
  5. Wear the required Spirit Wear at all meets and practices. 
  6. Display good sportsmanship at all times both on and off the pool deck. 
  7. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake; that’s part of learning. 
  8. Listen to and learn from your coaches. 
  9. Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.
  10. Have fun! 
  1. Any conduct, including abusive language and/or gestures, racially insensitive remarks, damage to
    property or belongings, or any other conduct that reflects poorly on you, the Darien YMCA, and/or
    the Piranhas is deemed to be unacceptable and will not be tolerated. This rule applies to all
    swimmers, parents, siblings and guests at all times when at meets and/or practices, on the
    pool deck, in the locker rooms or any other associated facilities. 
  2. You represent the Piranhas and the Darien YMCA during any meet or practice, home or away.  
    Any conduct such as shoplifting, destruction of property, illegal consumption of drugs or alcohol,
    or any other questionable activity will not be tolerated. This rule applies for the entire duration
    of such meet or practice.  
  3. The Piranha coaching staff and the Executive Director of the Darien YMCA will deal with
    unacceptable conduct at their sole discretion, imposing warnings, suspension or expulsion,

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Piranha Parents Association (PPA)

The Piranha Parents Association (PPA) is a vital support organization for the Piranha Swim Team. It provides administrative, financial and other general support for the Darien YMCA’s competitive swim program. All parents are members of the PPA and each family is required to contribute annual dues at registration. The Piranha Advisory Committee (PAC), representing the parents, meets regularly with the Competitive Swim Director and works closely with the coaching staff and the YMCA. The PAC is not a policy-making body, but does help define procedures to facilitate a smooth running team.  Very importantly, the PPA provides necessary financial and volunteer resources at meets and other special events that are critical to building and maintaining a unified and spirited Team.

2011-12 Piranha Advisory Committee (PAC) Members


Henk Jansen

Head Coach

Nora Baker


Mary McCarthy

Competitive Swim Administrator

Victor Pena





Age Group Meet Co-Chairs

Alice Watson

Age Group Social Chair


Nominating Chair

Gigi Kearney

Officials Chair


Special Events Co-chairs


Fundraising Coordinator

Annie Thomas

Spirit Coordinators


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Parent Commitment

We believe that parental involvement is essential.  Within the Piranha Parents Association (everyone parent of a swimmer on the Team is a member of the PPA), there is an opportunity for everyone to volunteer no matter your skills, interests or availability.  These opportunities include running bagel or pizza parties after practice, becoming a swim meet official, running a sign making party and much, much more.  Please be aware that during the season all parents must volunteer at meets. 

The links below describe the various volunteer opportunities available within the Piranha organization.

Meet Volunteers

Swim Meet Officials


Social Events and other volunteer opportunities

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