Gymnastics Team Code of Conduct



  • Be respectful of your coaches
  • Do not question coaching decisions and training
  • Come to the gym or competition venue ready to perform to the best of your ability. Be ready both physically and mentally.
  • Leave the gym only when given permission by a coach
  • Treat our gym with respect. Keep the locker area clean and debris free.
  • Do not leave the gym without a parent or guardian
  • Cell phones will no longer be allowed in the gym  – If you are caught texting and calling, your phone will be confiscated
  • Do not miss practices – Attendance is vitally important to your success and the success of your team
  • Make every effort to attend all team functions
  • Be respectful of all authority figures, including: Other parents, parents and staff from other gyms, YMCA Staff, Coaches, Volunteers and YMCA members. Remember, you represent our team.
  • Crying (unless there is an injury) will not be tolerated during competition or in the gym.
  • Support your teammates at all times
  • Be responsible for your own equipment – Tape, Leotard, Grips, etc.
  • Dress appropriately in and out of the gym. Wear your leotard properly during practice.
  • Always lead by example – Be a positive role model for your peers and younger gymnasts. Disrespecting a coach, swearing, or displaying a bad attitude in front of gymnasts of any age will not be tolerated.
  • Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated!!! This includes the gym environment as well as social media.

Competition Readiness & Etiquette

    • Plan accordingly – Do not arrange for a “sleep-over” or other activity the night before a competition. Rest is extremely important in order for you to have a SAFE and Successful meet.
    • Be responsible for your own equipment – Tape, Leotard, Grips, etc.
    • Always show a positive attitude both during workouts and at competitions.
    • Crying (unless there is an injury) will not be tolerated during competition or in the gym.
    • Keep our gym clean as well as other competition venues. We expect you to clean up your own mess. Other people are not responsible for your own messes!
    • Be respectful of all authority figures, including: Other parents, parents and staff from other gyms, YMCA Staff, Coaches, Volunteers and YMCA members. Remember, you represent our team.
    • During awards ceremonies, you must wear your team warm up on the podium.
    • Conduct yourself properly on the awards stand. No Food or Gum chewing!
    • Make every effort to not only support your own teammates but all competing individuals from other gyms.
    • Be Humble
    • Thank the Award Presenter
    • Smile on the Podium – Do not show disappointment
    • Clap for other award recipients including athletes from other gyms
    • Thank the Host Gym
  • Thank the Judges




Enforcement Procedure:

  • Verbal Warning
  • 2nd Violation of any kind – Call Parent – Gymnast must leave practice
  • 3rd Violation of any policy – Gymnast suspended for a week and a written apology to the coach must be submitted before that athlete will be accepted back on to team.
  • 4th Violation of any policy- Gymnast will be suspended from the team
  • If gymnast violates multiple policies on any given day, no warning is necessary. Coach must call parent and gymnast can no longer practice that day.


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We expect and require all parents to support, and respect all gym policies. These policies serve to guide not only the parent but the gymnast as well. Remember, you serve as a role model and example both in and out of the gym.  Any lack of support, lack of adherence towards policies or disrespect displayed towards the coaching staff, will be detrimental to your child and the program at large.

General Etiquette & Advice

  • Our coaching staffs are trained professionals with upwards of 40 years of experience. Please respect all decisions made both in the gym and the competition arena.
  • The coaching staff works extremely hard to develop and keep your daughter’s respect. We need you to support all decisions made by our coaching staff. Do not openly take your daughter’s side, as this sets a poor example.  If you have concerns, do not discuss these openly with your child but rather contact our staff for a further and more detailed explanation.
  • Please don’t be a “helicopter parent”. In other words, we don’t encourage you to view every practice. This will limit your ability to see your daughter’s real progress. If you watch every day, you will become consumed by small details and only make your child anxious. She has enough coach’s eyes monitoring her progress.
  • Do not dictate to the coaching staff.
  • As a parent of an athlete, we ask that you set the example of appropriate behavior.  At competitions, that means, your POSITIVE support and encouragement, regardless of results and scores, is necessary. At and after workouts, it means that your positive support and encouragement, regardless of the particular day’s specifics, is necessary. We must find successes in every situation.
  • Parental support of your gymnast is essential. Only words of encouragement and positive remarks will help reinforce your child’s self-esteem and confidence. Pressuring your child to perform better or comparing your child’s progress to other athletes; will NOT be tolerated. Each child progresses at her own pace and this must be recognized, appreciated and respected by parents.








Attendance & Make-ups

  • Absences must be reported in advance to Vladimir or Erin. Please email your respective coach if your child is unable to attend practice. It is no longer necessary to email John.



  • Make up Days are only allowed in cases of family emergencies, or religious conflicts.
  • Recurring absences/vacations taken prior to a meet/prolonged sickness will determine whether or not your child participates in a competition.  The coach will make a decision whether or not he/she feels it will be safe for child to compete if lack of practice is an issue. Please do not make vacation plans until the competition schedule has been announced.
  • No longer will Early and Late Practice substitution be allowed.
  • Your child’s attendance and punctuality are essential to her success and safety.
  • Please come inside the Y when picking up your child.
  • Travel Team Gymnasts are now permitted to participate in High School Gymnastics. Please see attached High School Policy

Gymnast Level Mobility

  • Understand that the specific mission of the Darien Y is to develop happy, healthy, and confident young people.  One way in which we can help meet this demanding goal is to place the gymnasts at the level where they can be happy, comfortable, safe and confident.  Mobility through the levels can only be achieved when a high level of proficiency has been demonstrated at the current level and the potential for a high level of proficiency in the next level is apparent.  This means that a gymnast is never declared having moved to the next level until ALL of the requirements for that level have been achieved. Additionally, a score of 36 must be achieved at levels 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. A score of 34 must be achieved at levels 8, 9, and 10, for advancement.


Nutrition and Safety

  • As in any competitive sport, nutrition is a major contributor to a gymnast’s performance.  Eating healthy will affect greatly and athlete’s mental and physical well-being, not only in the competitive arena but in the arena of life.  As a parent, please help us instill these valuable principles. For tips on healthy food choices, please consult a certified nutritionist.  You can also refer to the following website:

  • Please be familiar with your child’s activities outside of the gym. It is common for them to want to show-off their skills in front of their friends. This is where accidents happen! We highly recommend that gymnastics skills are performed in the safety of our own gym.

Meet Etiquette & Parental Responsibilities

  • Never approach a judge at a competition. In rare situations, the team coach may approach a judge and ask for a further explanation.
  • Always stay to the end of awards. This shows good sportsmanship and respect for all competing athletes.
  • Help your athlete prepare for her meet. Their sports bag should contain essential items such as a water bottle, grips, tape, and a small snack (not a messy one).
  • The girls should wear their hair in such a way that it does not get in their eyes during competition.  This means, wearing “pig tails”, of a tight “pony tail”, gel, and lots of clips.
  • Verify the meet location and directions before you start your travels.
  • On meet day, make sure you contact your level mom if you are delayed or an emergency comes up.  This way the coaches can be informed. The coaching staff is restricted from carrying cell phones on the competition floor.
  • Appreciate all successes, small or large.  Scores are not the only measure of success. Overcoming fear, working through mental blocks, showing courage, are all examples of successes.
  • Don’t compare your daughter’s scores with other gymnast scores.
  • YMCA scoring is generally more generous than the USAG scoring.  So, keep this in mind when your daughter’s scores differ from meet to meet. Additionally, you are not a trained judge and although your daughter’s routine may have looked the same in two different meets, the scores may be quite dissimilar.
  • No Flash Photography is allowed during competitions.
  • Many of life’s lessons are learned while participating in the sport of gymnastics.  One lesson in particular is that life is not always fair (Maybe your daughter fell off the beam multiple times).  Help us encourage the girls to overcome disappointment by promoting positive behavior. If you show your disappointment regarding the score/result, your daughter will feel you are disappointed in her.
  • Please display superior sportsmanship in the stands. You represent the Darien YMCA and set an example for your children. Outward displays of disappointment or disagreement will not be tolerated and will ultimately be detrimental to your child.
  • As a parent of an athlete, we ask that you set the example of appropriate behavior.  At competitions, that means, your POSITIVE support and encouragement, regardless of results and scores, is necessary.
  • Arrive at all meets in a timely manner – We ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to “Open Stretch”.
  • Be responsible and prepare ahead of time. Make copies of your Meet Sign-up sheet, Nationals access pass order forms and other paperwork that you may need to review at a later date.


Financial Obligation & Responsibilities

  • You are required to keep your account in good standing in order for your daughter to participate. Monthly tuition must be paid using a debit, visa or MasterCard. For those approved to pay by way of cash or check, payments MUST be made by the 10th of each month. A Late Fee of $25 will be accessed on all payments made after the 10th of each month.
  • If for some reason, you notice your account is not being charged or is being charged incorrectly, please notify Nicole Kapitan via email:
  • Financial hardship is nothing to be ashamed about. We will do everything possible to assist you. Scholarship opportunities are available if you qualify. Please contact Nancy Sweeney at 203-655-8228 x1304 or by email at
  • We are now requiring payments from one parent only.
  • Account Balances must be paid in full in order for your child to participate in practice.



Gymnastics Parent Association Obligation and Related Events

  • Be courteous and promptly return RSVPs and Emails sent by the volunteers from our Parent Organization (GPA). Otherwise, multiple follow up emails or invitations will be sent.  Remember, these volunteers are contributing their free time efforts for us!
  • Please be a volunteer. We need your support and help during home meets and other GPA events.
  • Please be familiar with upcoming events concerning the Y Gymnastics Program, even if those events do not directly include your child.  Your support is needed to keep this team strong.



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